kagamimochi-nikki 加賀美茂知日記

<For the Practice and Deepening of the Sexual Energy Sublimation Secret Method On June 9, 2024, >

To deepen the practice of Master Thirteen Queue’s “Sexual Energy Sublimation Secret Method,” I present modern and English translations of the Ten-Phrase Kannon Sutra and the Heart Sutra. As the master himself mentioned in his blog, chanting without understanding is the first step in practice.

However, as the master emphasizes, without continuous practice and deepening, it’s meaningless. What is the purpose of practicing the “Sexual Energy Sublimation Secret Method,” which equals the practice and deepening of prajñāpāramitā?

Firstly, to succeed in sublimating sexual energy, which is solar energy.

Secondly, to explore the gnosis of the solar system’s laws that lie dormant in the deepest consciousness of all humanity, and to align one’s soul with it.

Thirdly, to give birth to the child of the sun or the golden child within oneself, and as a result, become a solar human being.

In summary, the supreme purpose of being born human is to become a solar human being, the child of the sun. This has been the common original and primal concept of humanity since its inception.

The key element for the success of this ultimate method, the “Secret Method,” is whether the practitioner has a mindset that respects the sanctity of women. In other words, being a devotee of the goddess. Specifically, the concept of the sanctity of women within oneself must be carefully nurtured. It is impossible to form and construct the sacred spiritual realm of goddess veneration within oneself with a daily attitude of watching adult videos and masturbating. Moreover, controlling such actions through abstinence or willpower is impossible. That’s how powerful the driving force of human sexual impulses, the solar energy, is.

The success or failure of practicing this “Secret Method,” the ultimate solution to humanity’s history, depends on:

Firstly, whether one can sincerely repent for past sexual degeneracy.

Secondly, whether one has the feeling of clinging wholeheartedly to the general goddess symbol of women’s sanctity (the Moon Goddess).

These two points are particularly important.

For details on the practice, although updates have stopped since May 26, 2024, please read the pages about the “Sexual Energy Sublimation Secret Method” practice on the Thirteen Queue blog. Although it’s in Japanese, the level of web translation by AI has improved significantly recently, so please read and engage with the Thirteen Queue blog.

I sincerely pray that many people will return to a life centered around the original archetypal axis.

Written by kagamimochi on June 9, 2024.

“<Ten Supplications to the Goddess>”

1″My mother, Goddess! Please save me!”

2″I will do everything with the Goddess.”

3 And I will accept all outcomes with the Goddess.

4 Therefore, please intercede with the Father Sun God.

5 “Thus, transform the daily struggles of life into fulfillment and peaceful satisfaction.”

6 In the morning, I wake up thinking of the Goddess and rise.

7 At night, I rest thinking of the Goddess as I sleep.

8 Always, always, I strive to follow the Goddess.

9 And always, always, I strive to act as if with the Goddess.

10 Oh! Goddess, please save me!